God’s Dilemma

By | July 22, 2015


I just come out and say it “God has a dilemma”. He has a book written thousands of years ago called the Bible, which has been misinterpreted by millions of people resulting in grievous harm to innocents. It is not a unified work, rather it is a collection of writings , the inclusion of which were decided on by committee. There are many other writings by saints of the period and historical accounts that were not included in the Bible. For some reason, we are to believe that this most influential of books, is the infallible word of God. Really? God created the most important book of all time through a committee? God’s dilemma is that this book instead of helping the Christian understand the mind of God, it has caused untold suffering. How could the all powerful and creator of the Universe with all it’s perfection tolerate this book?


I lean toward the obvious conclusion, that He did not write it. Rather, it seems to me that what He desired was to have the story of Jesus written that recounted his teachings. The other teachings like the apostle Paul’s admonition to treat women in misogynistic fashion or his direction that wine be taken for medicinal purposes was added on as chaff not by divine inspiration. That’s right, chaff. If one takes the words of Jesus and follows his teachings, the believer has a very balanced view of the world and faith.

Jesus didn’t stand up and say “God Hates Fags” or the equivalent at the time. He didn’t call for the persecution of other believers. He did not speak against transsexuals and clearly were transsexuals present in his time and he must have known them. The Bible speaks about other instances where the transgendered are praised and are important people of faith. Peterson Toscano does a wonderful one man play that deals with the transgendered in scripture called “Transfigurations–Transgressing Gender in the Bible”. Yet, the Bible is now used to persecute transsexuals by distorting an old testament prohibition about men wearing women’s clothes. Deuteronomy 22:5 “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.” The true meaning had nothing to do with crossdressing. And if we are to take that prohibition at face value, we also must take ALL the others. Like not eating pork, not working on Sunday, not wearing clothes made of two different fibers and the list goes on.

Amazingly, Jesus broke the laws and rules of the church, constantly. His followers were taught a common sense faith in God. He preached about what God was like. He could have spent his years on the planet, building an organization with a hierarchy and with documentations for rules of living in the form of a book but He didn’t. Consider this, Jesus could have written the Bible but He didn’t. Now some say that He did by inspiration of the writers that came after He ascended. But why “inspire” these men write the silly stuff or things that we clearly see as cultural at the time when it would cause such harm over the centuries. Surely, He knew what was coming and what the distortion of His word would and could do. So why did God allow such a tangled web called the Bible to be created? Why did He allow things in the book that go against his message of peace and love? Why didn’t He spell it out so that only one Christian sect was necessary? Personally, when I read the bible, I expect illumination not from the words but from His spirit that still exists. I don’t believe in the infallible nature of the Bible but I do believe that Jesus existed, died and rose again from the dead. I do believe that He exists in spirit today and that He communicates his love directly to those He chooses.

When I was a in my youth, the Bible kept me from becoming a Christian. It was only when I became interested in prophesy and the supernatural that I took another look. Even then I did not make an intellectual decision to become a Christian. No, I became a Christian because I came into contact with His spirit. It has been a non stop amusement park ride ever since and many many many times, I wished I could get off the ride. I have had circumstances that made me so angry at God that I would have nailed Jesus on the cross, personally. Yes, I admit it. I hated God for what he allowed to happen to my family and what he allowed to happen to me, namely that I am transsexual.

Now, I am upset because harm is coming my way at the hands of his followers. The “Religious Right” has targeted transgender people for their hate campaigns because we are an easy target and not completely supported by the LGB part of the LBGT community. These faithful Christian portray us as perverts or pedophiles. They incite people to attack and even kill us. This is a terrible evil, Jesus did not say, “Go out and cause harm in My name”.

So the situation is by all accounts, a dilemma, for sure. God’s message is being lost and ignored by those who can actually hear it. I am very angry that God, the creator of the universe has allowed such a twisted mess to become of His faith. Other religions seem to be far better organized and work much better for the well being of their believers. Sure, some of their followers are as twisted as today’s Christians.

Dear Lord, couldn’t you have done a better job than this? Your dilemma is mine too. My own church hates me for being a transsexual, something that I cannot change and that YOU gave me. I recall You telling me in an hour of need, “I don’t make mistakes.” If I truly am not a mistake, then I am worthy of respect and to be allowed to live my life without persecution. FIX IT!

Copyright 2009 M.K. Bengtson , Author of Dorothy\\\’s Boy