Online Support

There are so many questions when you are just starting out with transitioning, whether you choose medical treatments or not) and finding credible answers isn’t always easy when scattered all over the internet world. We all needed answers and support when we started exploring our gender identity.

TransMentors International gives individuals a means of communicating with and meeting with local transgender men, women and teens who are willing to support and encourage you in your respective journeys.

Some of us were fortunate to have a close friend who had transitioned and we went to him or her for advice and support. The majority of us only had the internet. While the information is out there to be found, it’s still not the same as having someone in our own home town who we can turn to for support.

For those who are early in their journey, our Facebook groups make it easier for you to find others who have transitioned (living Full-Time in their authentic gender, with or without surgery) who can hopefully become your friend and Mentor to help guide you in your exciting journey of becoming a healthy trans-identified individual.

For those further along, you have a real opportunity to help others down the same path, with support and encouragement.

The two groups are true support groups, not just a social media “meeting place’.  They are carefully moderated to prevent both misinformation and the typical ‘drama’ that occurs in social media groups.

MTF Mentors

FTM Mentors

Main TransMentors Group (not a support group)