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Real Stories – Real People


Thank you so much for opening your home to my Son/ Daughter [name withheld] and me today! Your warm welcome, smile, friendly faces and so much great information was greatly valued and cherished. I know that we will look back at this as being an instrument of catalyst as we begin the journey for my son. The friendly faces open hearts and more meant so much to both of us. I truly appreciate you’re having introduced us to Kelley as she was a wealth of information and experience, a perfect start for [name withheld] and myself.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for it means so much knowing there is such a community for both of us for support and in turn, a community to offer support to as well!

From Father of a questioning/trans youth, AZ

I was referred to Transmentors at a very desperate time in my life. I exchanged a message or two with Michael Brown and he offered to meet me for coffee. Michael himself accompanied me to my first outing as Alyssa. Soon he had put me in touch with people in similar situations as me and now my life has expanded beyond my wildest dreams. I could never have done this on my own or found the wonderful friends that I have found without help from Transmentors. THANK YOU!!

Alyssa S., Phoenix, AZ


I just wanted to thank you both for taking the time to meet with my group and I. I would like to start by saying how amazing and life changing this experience was for me especially. In all honestly I was not that interested in learning about this community, because I didn’t know there was anything to know about it except for my beliefs that people are free to be who ever they want to be whether it be straight, bisexual, gay or whatever it makes no difference to me as long as someone is happy and is a good person. I was very moved by your “life” stories, and I am so grateful to you both for educating me about Trans folks. I will always remember how much courage it takes for a Trans folks to walk out there in public with that fear always in your mind if you’re going to be discovered. Most of all it makes me happy that at the end of your struggles you find happiness within and that is what’s most important. I want you to know if one of your goals in life was to reach out to someone that could spread the word about how important it is to be open minded and understand Trans folks that is me. I am a Dental Assistant and I work with a really bunch of cool people. They are very supportive of my new career path so I always like share and talk about my experiences I have at school. I told everyone in my office about my group project and what a life changing experience I had from my interview with supporters of the Trans folk community. They were so intrigued to talk about the Trans community and wanted to know more so I did my very best to describe it from your words to my own. To my surprise most of my team was very supportive of Trans folks and they thought about the joy it must bring to ones life when you can truly be the person you desire to be. It made me very happy to talk about your experiences and I plan to do just that whenever opportunities exist. Anyway, Thank You again for educating me I am really happy I had the chance to meet some very amazing people! Thank you, Toni aka (Pretty Woman) and Michael a very (Manly Man) lol


VT, Phoenix, AZ

TransMentors has made a huge impact on me as a post op female of over 30 years. I was contacted by a 19 year old pre op female and I am like a “Big Sister” to her. Being there for her has made her so hopeful, and I am surprised at how much I get out of Mentoring her. Sometimes we forget what we think as common knowlege is “mothers milk” to others. TransMentors is Amazing because it allows any and all questions to be answered in a supportive “Been There” sort of way for people all over the country and World.

Jennifer C., Los Angeles, CA

My life has been one of turmoil and pain and secrecy. I was raised in an abusive environment due to my transsexuality. I learned rather quickly that in order to at least be somewhat happy, I had to suppress it.

When I was 18, I made up my mind to transition, but had no idea how or where to start. I signed up with TransMentors International and thought that it would help. Well I noticed that I didn’t really know who to approach or how to approach them about it. I’d become a rather shy person.

That was when I met Regan.* Regan emailed me and told me she had seen me on TransMentors and would like to be my mentor. She was post-op, living a normal life and was willing to show me how to ‘live my dream.’ I gladly accepted the help and found that she and I became extremely close. She’s my big sister in Texas. I would recommend this site for anyone struggling with their transitions, or even just coping with the difficulties of daily life.

Victoria L. O’Brochlahan

To Whom It May Concern,,
I signed up to be a mentor at Trans Mentors International due to the feeling of “giving back” that I get when I can help someone else who is on this journey of gender affirmation.
To be able to lend an ear and share stories with some one who feels completely safe with you because they know that you are “in the life” also – it is tremendously powerful for both the person calling in for help and the mentor. We both grow.
I my self know the loneliness and agony of someone who is trans that comes from isolation and confusion. More than one time I was able to find the support to keep going through a mentor program such as Trans Mentors International.
I find Trans Mentors International to be an outstanding organizaiton, due to the great passion of Michael Brown and the professional set up of the whole system, from mentor training to referral process.
Susan Collins MA
Girls, Guys, Ze’s Together

TransMentors has affected my life much like FTMMentors has…by bringing awareness to the transgender community. The resources and information given to me helps me to pass along that to others.

I firmly believe that advocacy is huge part of being accepted in a society that has long been hanging onto “this was what I was brought up believing” mentality.

I am working towards a BSW and then will work on my masters. My main goal is to help counselor, advocate and be a mentor within the transgender community.

This is my passion. Without the Transgender communities such as TransMentors, I\\\’d be lacking in areas such as local, state, and federal laws. I know where to go for information, that none of us are truly alone and that there is a very very large community out there waiting with open arms.


I figured out I was a boy before I was 4. I kept thinking somehow if I wished hard enough, prayed hard enough that I would wake up one morning fixed. It didn’t happen that way. Growing up I knew that it wasn’t going to be “okay” for me to tell my family. When I did, at 16, they disowned me. I was sent to a gender clinic in the mid 70’s where they tried their best to convince me I was a lesbian. Despite all this I persisted and began to live my life as the man I always knew I was. But I had learned from family, the reactions of friends, and the professional community that I really shouldn’t be talking about my experience with anyone. After all the years of making my way solo, I decided one Sunday in April 09 to go on line and just see what was out there in the FTM world. I stumbled upon transmentors. I was amazed that such a website existed and I nervously filled out the information to join (when you have been totally stealth for 30 years even filling out information on line is pretty intense). I thought a long time before I pushed the send button. What would it mean to have contact with anyone else who understood what my life has been like? When I got the email back from Michael, welcoming me and saying he hoped to get to know me better – I cried. I had no idea about the feelings I had been holding inside for all those years. There were other people in the world like me and all of a sudden I wasn’t alone anymore. As I read other people’s comments, and profile’s I started to really want to meet some other transpeople. I ended up hunting down a support group and although I was the only guy at the first one. I found myself brave enough to keep trying to reach out and look for other guys (some through transmentors, some showed up at the support meeting, some I started to befriend from other places on line). I ended up walking in the trans march in SF. Each step has introduced me to more transpeople, people who have such resiliency, passion and who endure such pain. They are people I am not only proud but privileged to now call friends. They are part of my life today, because on a lonely Sunday when I was feeling like I had no one else in the world like me -transmentors popped up on a search engine and let me know that I had never really been alone, just lost in the wilderness.

DB, San Fransisco