What Does Transition Mean to Me?

By | July 22, 2015

What a huge question this really is. Its almost like asking someone if they believe in god. The answer is so much bigger and deeper than the question itself. The answer is almost certainly different for everyone. Yet whether one is M2F or F2M many similarities exist.

The simplest answer is: I get to live my life at peace with myself.

No longer do I have to struggle with the demons that haunted me for so long.
No longer do I have to second guess everything about myself.
No longer do I hide the beautiful work of art that is me under a deceptive veil.
No longer do I force myself and the world around me to believe that there is only black and white.
No longer do I have to live in fear of the world or myself.

Yes our lives are a series of successive and even parallel transitions from on moment to the next. It does not matter at all if you are trans or not. But for myself there is a deeper more profound transition that I must go through in order to live a full and wonderful life without lies and without barriers.

I truly believe that and know it is the ultimate truth for myself.

But mostly transitions to me means:
I can openly enjoy who I am every moment of every day. I get to enjoy a beautiful new and closer relationship with my mother. I get to make new and amazing friends, some of whom are like my very own sisters I never had. But meaning and feeling are hard to explain in words.

More importantly what transition means to me is what my transition has allowed me to do and be. I can help people now like I never could before. I am no longer crippled by self limitations. This gives me freedom to spread my wings and my caring to others. I can give so much more of myself to a world that seems to be struggling with crisis of identity. I have found love I can share with so many people. My expression of life is now like a vibrant painting that may never be complete yet is captivating in its unfinished state.

I can feel. I can cry. I can do anything my heart desires. I am strong and confident beyond anything I ever thought was possible. And I can honestly say my life is richer than I ever dreamed possible. Just look at the limited group of friends I have tagged in this note. There are dozens more of you.

How many people can say they have a family of friends near and far whose numbers are in the hundreds or greater and that if you were to meet them face to face for the very first time you know you would be welcome? And you know you would be for ever blessed by even the briefest of times together.

Transition to me means I get to enjoy a beautiful life with all of you in it, no matter how close or distant we are.

Author: Nichole Shannon      Website: NikkiDreams