Would you walk in my shoes?

By | July 22, 2015

As I prepared the day I went out with my new 3 1/2 wedge boots, they are absolutely precious, when I am in them I can not help looking down at my cute feet. I have to be careful, I need to waterproof them or they will get damaged.

This post isn’t about my beautiful exquisite collection of shoes, that will come another day. This is about the person who walks in them. My turmoils of everyday life fighting with fears and the unknowns as I have for 36 years.


I just posted a entry about the woman who asked me a question regarding the girl in me and it really hurt, something that I never think about because lets face it, what can I do that I am already doing. I am trying to correct the issue and I will, but like everything you want it takes time. I can not take a magic pill to erase all the male out of me, it will take time. The only magic patch I have is estrogen and every 8 weeks a booster shot to level my hormones out and keep me in tune.

A couple months ago another woman whom I worked with said to me “why change yourself, you are a very handsome man and you don’t walk like a woman”, why change myself hmm? I looked at her, smiled and said I’m not changing anything I am myself and besides dressed as a man would it look proper to have a swivel in my hips when I walk? I am like you, but having a male exterior I am different to you, learn to live with it and left it as that.

That to me is a hater or someone whom doesn’t understand what is in my mind, doesn’t she get it that is how it is, and if I could fix it maybe not, it is who I am.

If someone were to inquire what it is like to become me for one month, slip on a pair of my shoes and become Shauna, you will find it isn’t such a lovely way of life. You will get a cycle which many of my friends cringe at the thought of that. The constant changing of pads, the not so fresh feeling I get when it is that time. There the loneliness because lets face it, I wouldn’t put anyone through this whether we love each other or not. Everyday is a learning experience really, my emotions are tested as well as my sanity. There are looks and stares because they do not know how to address you and when they do sir doesn\\\’t fit. Imagine all your friends finding out that you have a little secret that not only will change your life but theirs as well, you are no longer the gender they perceived you were and that changes how they will act around you. All my male friends have a bond, it is special and I no longer am a part of that excluded from such things which I really miss.

When you are around my brothers it isn’t fun and games, they are uncomfortable knowing that their older brother was always their older sister. People will look at you, try to understand and shake their heads and ask you why, why are you that way?

Life is how you make it, mine is different but I relish the days that were good and learned from the days that were bad. I love living, with that said I live it to it’s fullest.

I will be legally on paper in 2009 as Shauna Elizabeth, that is such a welcome sight to me after all these years to be female on my records. *sniff*

Can I have my shoes returned please 😉

Copyright Dec. 21, 2009 Shauna Baggett