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Michael Eric BrownPhoto of Michael Brown

Michael, himself a member of the trans community, realized the need for more localized support systems in the trans community, and acted upon it in 2008 with founding TransMentors International, Inc. a non-profit organization that provides individual support with mentoring and resources to help with safe housing, competent medical care, transition-related products, emergency assistance, and more.

He and his wife opened their home as Trans Safe House and Transitional Living Home  in 2008 for the homeless and victims of abuse within the trans community, and continued to provide in this way for dozens of trans men and women until 2012. He was also successful in creating large, multi-day trans-educational events, and presenting workshops and speaking engagements on trans issues and lives for educators, social service agencies, and various trans-related events and conferences around the United States. He is now a consultant for the country’s trans organization in the Republic of Panama where he and his wife currently reside, and is helping to bring awareness and advocacy for the country’s trans population.

Michael is proactive in focusing on the individual needs of the community and networking around the world through online and offline support. He is currently continuing his education to pursue a doctorate in Social Psychology.

He is a member of WPATH and the American Psychological Association (APA), as well as the Transgender Aging Network, The Society for Psychological Study of Social Issues, The Society for Personality and Social Psychology, and The Social Psychology Network.

He has also published well-received and recommended books on various aspects of the trans experience, both educational and anthologies, which can be seen by following this link.

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“Just Evelyn”Just Evelyn Photo

“Just Evelyn” became an author out of necessity back in the 1990s because there had been no information on how to help her 15 year old son become a girl. You can find her book “Mom, I Need to be a Girl” on Amazon. She has been an activist with PFLAG, and ran a support transgender/crossdresser group for ten years in San Diego, Ca.

Evelyn is married to a transman, and they are both involved in the trans community. She was also an electrologist for ten years helping many beginning transgender people start their journey. She has enjoyed public speaking in colleges and conferences educating on transgender issues and awareness.

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David Bathory, Psy.D.Photo of David Bathory

Is a doctoral level clinical psychologist. He has been a friend of, and worked with GLBTQ people for years. He began his studies at the State University of New York, College at Purchase, a campus known for its’ GLBTQ student activities and openness to people exploring alternatives. Here he studies Psychology in the Natural Science Department, where he learned that Psychology was not just a matter of understanding thoughts and behaviors but biologically based systems that interact with our bodies.

After undergraduate school, he worked in Emergency Rooms, helping people in crisis to get the help they needed. He attended, The Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, in Hawaii, where he earned his doctorate in Psychology. Hawaii provided a unique experience to meet people from all different cultures from around the world, and also to see that not all cultures ostracize transgender people. The Hawaiians have, for centuries, embraced Māhū, men who felt they were women inside and were seen as the best caretakers for children, because they could provide both protection and be affectionate.

During graduate school and over his career, he has worked in a variety of settings, in-patient and out-patient facilities, day treatment, prison, and has served as a multi-county administrator for public mental health/developmental disabilities and substance abuse. In all of these environments there were people facing challenges with their gender and identities. Whether it was an inter-sexed child, an adolescent who was suicidal due to their feelings of being trapped in a body that did not fit their mind, or an adult who became incarcerated and was transgender. He learned not only from these individuals how difficult the existing systems were to navigate, but how few professionals were compelled to learn, help, or acknowledge their struggles.

On a personal level, he has experienced many struggles in life, from severe physical and emotional trauma to multiple genital surgeries. He has been married and divorced, and has two step-children and three step grand-children. He enjoys meeting new people, swimming, scuba diving, canoeing, hiking and camping, woodworking and re-modelling, riding motorcycles, and occasional crazy things like cave diving, or learning to snowboard as an adult.

He currently owns an International Research, Consulting and Psychological Services Company called Bathory International. Here he provides education (such as guest lectures & presentations), research (focusing on populations and services that are underserved or for oppressed populations) and psychological services (psychotherapy, evaluations and mentoring for people seeking the necessary approval for transgender services). His company, Bathory International, hopes to help heal the world from the ignorance and wounds of hate.

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KristianKristian Ranđelović

Born in 1973 and working and living in Belgrade, Serbia. He is MA Editor for TV
and film and psychodrama trainee.

In 2006 he started working with Gayten-LGBT, Center for LGBT Human Rights, where he has been systematically developing programs for trans individuals, including the first trans support group in the Balkans. He has also contributed to creation of trans programs in ex Yu region and he participated in the creation of the first trans site in ex Yugoslavia region ( Main areas of work: Capacity building for trans individuals/organizations and psychological counseling for LGBT individuals.

Throughout this working period he appeared in various media sharing his experiences and issues faced by trans persons.

As an activist, he served as a board member of ILGA Europe board member 2010-2012, as
Transgender Europe board member 2010-2016, as board member in new founded ERA LGBTI Equal Rights Association for Western Balkans and Turkey board member 2015-present and board member in OII Europe 2015-2017

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KirillsabirKirill Sabir

Kirill is a co-founder and Head of the “FtM Phoenix” Group, a Russian-American transgender initiative focused on advocating for transgender health in Eurasia.

Before co-starting the Group in 2008, he was a volunteer co-editor and peer adviser at “FtM Perehod”,, one of the first Russian-language community-owned hubs in Eurasia about sex/gender transition. Ongoing experience assisting trans people navigate transition helps Kirill advocate for trans health and rights effectively in different forms, be that international agencies’ reports or conferences of various levels. His respondent’s and reviewer’s contributions include the WHO’s Consolidated guidelines on HIV prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care for key populations, the USAID’s comprehensive study “Testing the Waters: LGBT People in the Europe and Eurasia Region”, the Council of Europe’s country report “The social situation concerning homophobia and discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation in Russian Federation” and others. To raise trans issues during the IDAHOT, he wrote an essay “How it feels to be a trans activist in Russia”.

In 2011-2013, Kirill volunteered as a Board Member representing transgender people at ECOM – Eurasian Coalition on Male Health, an association of NGOs and activists working on sexual and reproductive health, including HIV, among MSM and transgender people in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, established with support of the UN agencies. In 2013, he lead the FtM Phoenix’s official Russian translation of the WPATH Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People (version 7) and then inspired and organized the 1st and 2nd Eurasian Trans Health Conferences in Moscow – the first two Russian-language events specifically regarding transgender medical care in the region. The conferences brought together 75 healthcare professionals and LGB/transgender activists from 9 Eurasian countries to discuss transgender health and helped to start a dialogue related to changing the situation around complicated or non-existent sex reassignment/legal gender recognition procedures for trans people in Eurasian countries.

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