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Crossing the Border, Coming Home to One’s Self

She sat in the compartment alone, stared from the window as the train flew through villages scattered across the Franconian hillsides like jacks tossed into a circle prior to the game. Grey stone walls, red-tiled roofs and always the spire of the town-church above everything else, cross shining across the fields and the roads where… Read More »

You Aren’t Alone in That Tunnel

A transwoman recently reached out to her newfound community, and the welcoming and loving responses were overwhelming. She was talking about the difficulties she is encountering in regards to being able to transition. She made the statement “So for me I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I see myself as… Read More »

Overcoming Childhood Scars

Certainly in the time & place I grew up — a southern state in the 1960’s and 1970’s. there was no support for transfolk whatsoever.  Even the gay and lesbian community was hidden away, in seedy bars subject to police raids, that you could only find by word of mouth.  I did find another gay… Read More »

Would you walk in my shoes?

As I prepared the day I went out with my new 3 1/2 wedge boots, they are absolutely precious, when I am in them I can not help looking down at my cute feet. I have to be careful, I need to waterproof them or they will get damaged. This post isn’t about my beautiful… Read More »

God’s Dilemma

  I just come out and say it “God has a dilemma”. He has a book written thousands of years ago called the Bible, which has been misinterpreted by millions of people resulting in grievous harm to innocents. It is not a unified work, rather it is a collection of writings , the inclusion of… Read More »

Stuck in Loneliness

April 15th, 2009 By Monica F. Helms Original blog found HERE (This is the 3rd and final installment in the “Stuck in . . . ” series.) We all know that loneliness does not limit itself to LGB or T people. This feeling probably strikes 100% of the human population at one time of another, many living… Read More »

The Thing, The Path, The Goal

Upon a time a babe was born, Of humble stock and collars worn, As innocent as life could be, Except for one anomaly.The norm that all expect to hear, Was not pronounced to any ear. A spank was heard, the silence torn, Into this world a child was born. The nurse and doctor did their… Read More »

Building Bridges Between Communities

Recently, I have been invited to participate in an event, the goal of which is to build bridges between the GLB (gay/lesbian/bi) communities and the transgender community. I am very excited about this because even 40 years after the Stonewall riots, there continues to be a deep rift with a lot of bitter feelings on… Read More »

What Does Transition Mean to Me?

What a huge question this really is. Its almost like asking someone if they believe in god. The answer is so much bigger and deeper than the question itself. The answer is almost certainly different for everyone. Yet whether one is M2F or F2M many similarities exist. The simplest answer is: I get to live… Read More »

From a Parent’s Perspective

(Author’s Note: Names have been changed for anonymity purposes)  More and more I hear about transgender people who have been abandoned by their families, and I just don’t understand it. Our child was so loved from birth on, and just because Mother Nature chose a different route and gender for this child I can not… Read More »